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100 Days of Carving & Printing

My last 100 day challenge finished on Christmas Eve. This time I decided to join in with everyone else for #the100dayproject where everyone started and finished together. Having taken part in #carvedecember hosted by the extremely creative Julie Balzer and then continued carving into January with #patternjanuary I thought the next step would be carving and printing everyday for a 100 days.

Some days I was able to spend a good deal of time designing, carving and printing, others it really was just a super quick carve, maybe with a bit of off-cut(waste not want not).

There were picture days.

There were pattern days.

There were abstract days.

Then there were days when I decided to experiment a bit like day 31 when I cut a piece of wood into a naive bird shape and carved some artist's vinyl to size and stamped straight onto the wood.

On day 38 I had a bit of fun with dressing up hares made from cardboard wearing little dresses I'd made printed with mini off-cut patterns.

I also used various carving mediums: polymer lino, japanese lino ( I'm still carving that one so it didn't make it into my 100 days in the end) and one of my favourites, Factis Artist's Carving Vinyl. As with my previous 100 day challenge I found it very beneficial, it's always good for self discipline and gets you into the habit of creating everyday regardless of whether or not you're in the mood. If you'd like to see all of my 100 day carve and prints check out this video slideshow I made for my IGTV channel - click on image below for link to watch my IGTV post.

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