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Modern Abstract Art for your Home or Workspace

British Abstract Artist Andrea Clement

I don’t ever remember a time when I wasn’t creating something. Art has always been in my blood, no matter where I’ve been or what I’ve done in my life and career. At school, I was at my happiest covered in paint or glue or clay, working on my latest creation. This led me through my education, attending Newport College of Art in Gwent, South Wales, and then Staffordshire University where I studied ceramic design in the heart of the potteries. There I settled for a while, working as a surface pattern designer for the tableware industry.

But pure art was never far away and as my career developed, alongside my young family, I continued to explore painting, printmaking and collage, searching for the voice that would fully express my inner feelings. After working as a freelance surface pattern designer and then a photographer for a fine art auction house, I spent several years home educating my son while continuing to paint and draw, sometimes lucky enough to receive the occasional commission.

Printmaking became an important focus and I worked with a local gallery producing original hand-made prints, greetings cards and giftware, as well as hosting several workshops teaching what I’d learnt myself about the techniques and materials I was really passionate about.

The more I worked on my painting, though, the more I was drawn to abstraction. Abstract art is a pure expression, distilling thoughts and feelings into shape, colour and composition. The forms within my paintings may be inspired by the things I see around me, in my home, my garden and the landscapes of Cheshire and Mid-Wales which I have known and walked and studied for so much of my life.

There is so much more to do, to explore and to create, I feel like I have only just begun. But that is the exciting thing about the artist’s journey. The search for a voice, the expression of things often indefinable. This work I now present to my collectors around the world to adorn their home or workspace.

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