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Knowing When It's Time To Quit

I would usually tell people to stick with creative endeavours, especially if they're doing an art challenge like the popular 100 Day Project. We usually do these challenges to develop some creative discipline, make more friends and grow in our work so sticking with it through the odd down day is what I'd normally advise and I try and cheer friends on and tell them not to give up even if they have missed a few days etc. It is important to make an effort even on days when you're not in the mood, this is what gives us resilience in our creative lives.

However there's a flip side to that - if it's actually starting to stymie you creatively and you're just hanging in there because everyone else is doing it then it may be time to pack it in and move on. This is the third year I've done a 100 day art project (and I finished the other two - check out my previous blog posts) today should be day 35 of my 100 but I've decided to call it a day.

The reason is that I feel it is actually blocking me creatively because whilst doing the first few weeks I've been in a state of flux and now feel that I need to throw my energy into other projects with gusto. The 100 day commitment feels like a weight holding me back from doing these things so I'm starting to feel resentful of it and as a result I haven't been happy with what I've been producing because my mind is elsewhere. Instead it's raring to get going and concentrate fully on other creative projects.

The first 34 days have thrown up some interesting avenues and I will purse them at some point in the future but for me, right now it's served it's purpose.

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